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A new thanks
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A new thanks

Just a new (first) post to say thanks to Frictional Games for such a great game, Penumbra Overture. Some thoughts:

Ever since I read the early previews in PCZ (print mag UK) a long time ago I've wanted this game, but in all honesty, the availability and price put me off until now - the Steam offer brought this game back to my attention. I must say it lived up to all expectations. I'm someway through Black Plague now (but too scared to load it back up!) and having just as much 'fun' being scared senseless.

Back to Penumbra Overture - the game was a lot longer than I expected (I did get quite stuck in places - which is a good thing!)

- Amazing atmosphere in all areas - buy the sound team a drink from me! Certain sounds reminded me of the early Resi Evil games in places (I hope you take this as a compliment - door sounds etc - really added to the creepiness) Music/ambience really made this game too.

- Good save system. Thank god you put sensible auto saves in.

- Combat. Once I got my head around it, I liked the 'random' encounters. I hear (and gather that Dark Plague) is all about avoidance. I understand your motives, but I think the random encounters added more to the fear - knowing it wasn't scripted.

- Physics - awesome and good to see real use of physics with puzzles. Something HL2 should have done more with.

I could go on, but I just wanted to say this game is what I expected and more! A truely terrifying experience, thank you Smile
06-12-2009, 11:03 PM

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