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A fantasy mmorpg idea using Overture's combat
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A fantasy mmorpg idea using Overture's combat

I really love first person melee mmorpgs like Mortal Online (No I am not here to advertise the game please read on). But every time I play games like that I always notice something missing, the realistic feeling of physics combat from Overture.
Yes graphics and sounds are great and all but the game play is what really matters from my point of view. Imagine just like in overture when you swing your pickaxe, now think about how it feels to do so with a sword at another player where you can parry his strikes too and throw random stones on the ground at him. Think about opening a chest like in Overture without opening an inventory window and actually storing items inside manually. Other ideas also include getting critical strikes only when you swing your weapon at a chink in the armor your opponent is wearing, click and drag your mouse and you prepare to swing your fishing rod in the game, dragging crates and moving bricks around when you want to build something (makes things a lot harder but you can't argue its a lot more realistic) et cetera.
I always dreamed of playing a game like this making me think 'heck I don't even need oculus' when I play it. I guess I got this idea when I got interested in virtual reality, but then only I noticed only the graphics became virtual reality-like but the game remains the same, only the games by Frictional Games felt like I was actually moving around a room and picking up items with my own hands. Also for those who thought it was hard for combat in overture being difficult with the freeze cam thing, well it is easily solved if they add a lock-on feature.
Please give your opinion on this idea and perhaps add in your suggestion for improving it, I really hope that Frictional Games will consider making a game like this.
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