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What the Heck's wrong with Requiem?
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What the Heck's wrong with Requiem?

I took me two days to finish each of the first Penumbra Games and i enjoyed them like none other, and then comes this requiem expansion which i thought it was going to give the last answers and climax the series, but instead you get a puzzle solving game.

Where's the storyline, where's the atmosphere, where's the feeling of shitting your pants when having to sneak around all those creatures to get to the next room, where's all that? And to top it all off it doesn't make any sense. Are you supposed to play Philip, or Philips Mind? Are you supposed to be you (The player), who are you portraying?

I apologize for my frustrated tone, but i was deeply disappointing when it all came down this.

I guess if you see individually and not judge it as not being a third part of a series you can say it's kinda fun (after all i finished it the same day,if i completely disliked it i would have not touched it), but it's not what it was supposed to be, is all I'm saying.
08-22-2009, 01:30 PM

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