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An idea for a game
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An idea for a game

Your kingdom is being overrun by an army of monsters, and your king has ordered you and several other secret agents to infiltrate the cities occupied by the enemy, discover, and assassinate the leader of the occupying force in each city. The monsters are rounding up humans and using them to feed their troops. There are several groups of humans hiding in the city. Some are civilians simply trying to survive, others are fighting back (angry citizens seeking revenge, remnants of the king's army and the city guard, etc). The enemy's army is also not entirely united in harmonious brotherhood, as different races, clans, packs, hordes, swarms, squads, platoons, companies, divisions, and individuals may have different levels of hostility or friendship towards each other. The same applies to the humans, though they tend to have a much higher degree of friendship towards each other, even when they compete or have opposing views.

Enter the main character, a highly skilled warrior, assassin, and spy, the elite of your kingdom's forces. You go around searching for information and various other resources to help you along with your mission. You form contact with humans and monsters, trade with them and perform missions for them while navigating the web of intrigue, and the dangerous streets and sewers of the city. Missions become available or unavailable depending on various conditions like time, weather, your reputation, how much a groups likes or hates you, and the current state of the game. Ultimately, your goal is to discover the true identity and location of the leader of the enemy forces in the city and kill him. For that you must gather tools and information and form a proper plan. If attack directly or sneak in without thinking without thinking things through you'll only get yourself killed without making any progress, and this applies to pretty much all missions. Improvising and guessing your way through a mission will only get you killed, something which you, as a professional ought to know.

Each object in the game, whether inanimate or alive, is unique. People and object don't disappear or appear randomly, and none of them is replaceable. Each one is a constant that remains for the entire game, and they never really fully disappear from the game. Kill a person and his body will stay there and stink up the area, attracting hungry monsters and repeling humans. It can be moved, it can be eaten, it can be used as a decoy, a weapon, a shield, a platform to stand on, etc. And the same goes for inanimate objects. Nothing just disappears, or becomes just another part of the scenery. Break a glass and you can use the shards, tear off an arm and you can use it as a lure, or a club, or a doorstop. Every animate object is a complete character, with it's own physical appearance and state, it's own psychological state, it's own intelligence level, it's own set of information it knows, and it's own possessions. Object don't disappear or stop moving just because you are far from them or can't see them. The world goes on whether you are there to witness it or not.

Leaders can organize and command their troops, leaving the implementation up to the units they have ordered. For example, a platoon leader can give orders to his squad leaders, who then implement those orders by giving more specific orders to members of their squads. Different races and groups have different levels of organization. For example: giant rats lead by example. The leader acts and the rest emulate him. Orcs can follow orders to a limited degree, but basically move and attack as disorganized hordes. The city guard are capable of complex plans, and have near-perfect order and discipline.

Psychology plays a large role in the behaviour of both individuals and groups, and can change based on positive and negative reinforcement (for instance: courage, confidence, pride, level-headedness, love/hate, etc). Characters can be encourage or discouraged from various forms of behaviour through reward and punishment.

Information can be conveyed through various media. If a character knows something then that piece of information will influence or determine the actions of that character: change the array of possible solutions to a problem, causing him to perform a mission or give up on it, adding the possible mission or ruling some out, etc. Depending on the character's intelligence level, he could take various pieces of information, put them together, and as a result derive new information from it.

I'd like to hear some feedback on this, or if there is a game like this already.
08-25-2009, 03:02 AM

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