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My own little theory on the entire series
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RE: My own little theory on the entire series

(10-25-2009, 05:59 PM)garanixx Wrote: Let's take a look at some of the things I believe tell us that none of this is even happening in the real world:

- If you remember the "dream world" level from Black Plague where you need to rearrange stuff in the ship cabin. If you examined Philip's jacket hanging on the wall, he says that he remembers forgetting to put it on before he left the ship. Now let's face it, it was VERY cold where he was and if he had forgotten to put on his jacket, he would have felt the bone-biting cold right away and would have rushed back inside to put it on before wandering out into the snowy wastes.

Maybe, or maybe he had enough clothes to bear the cold

(10-25-2009, 05:59 PM)garanixx Wrote: - Upon reaching the hatch that forever seals his descent into the hell that is Penumbra, he clearly hears a very monstrous sounding creature bang against the trap door and it scares him badly. Certainly he wanted answers to his father's mysterious letter, but he did not expect monsters down there! In all honesty, what kind of rational human being would even consider going down there after what he had heard, ESPECIALLY without a weapon? It completely defies all self-preservation instincts and all rational thinking.. Actions like that are common in the dream world but certainly not in reality.

I would go there Big Grin I would rather be eaten by something then to starve to death.

(10-25-2009, 05:59 PM)garanixx Wrote: - Philip is the only person who makes it down there alive through all the monstrosities and terrible dangers that fill the mine.

Lucky, i guess Big Grin

(10-25-2009, 05:59 PM)garanixx Wrote: - Philip received a letter(a physical letter, not an E-mail) from his father. How is this possible? His father never left the complex before dying and as far as we've found from the various notes lying around, nobody ever made it out of there alive, even though some had come close. One might argue that Philip's father sent an E-mail to a friend and then asked that friend to copy that to a letter and send it to Philip, but that would raise MANY questions since the E-mail would have been from somebody who is officially considered to be dead.. And raising questions is not something Philip's father was trying to do since he wanted the complex to be forgotten permanently. There is no rational explanation behind how that letter reached Philip.

Maybe the Hive sent one of the infected into a village or whatever to send the mail. Becouse Howard promised to help the Hive.

(10-25-2009, 05:59 PM)garanixx Wrote: - Some of the research notes you find early in Overture report of a high suicide rate in the area suspected due to chemicals present in the ore. I highly doubt this is the real cause. I would say it's the Tuurngait influencing people's minds is what was causing the suicides. This led me to believe that the Tuurngait may infact be putting more people through this kind of hell within their own minds, that Philip was far from the only victim that went through all that.

Tottaly agree with you ^^

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