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PLEASE Give Us All Penumbra Objects, Items, and Creatures In Level Editor
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RE: PLEASE Give Us All Penumbra Objects, Items, and Creatures In Level Editor

That is what makes the released version of Unbirth so sad. There is actually almost an entire game in there, but a crash bug prevents one from playing it.

Because of some strange urge I just had to try out Unbirth again just now Tongue Playing it, I am not sure that it should be remade in HPL 2 because my graphics are so terrible Tongue Perhaps something can be salvaged though and I wonder if it would be possible to load the model files. Dunno if I have the 3ds files lying around (think not), but the mesh files should be in a directx bin format, so must be some way of extracting info. Would be nice if Troy's (a very talented 3d artist that helped making stuff for Unbirth) enemies could be of some use. Also, as Unbirth featured weapons (melee and guns) I would have to add some tweaks to Amnesia code to support that (there is actually some code lying around that was used for combat tests), but if someone shows the will to do some kinda mod with guns, then I might find the time to add code for that. Note that I am not promising anything here though, but just saying that it is within the realm of the possible.
12-13-2009, 01:42 AM

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