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[SPOILER] Did she tell him?
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RE: [SPOILER] Did she tell him?

(09-29-2015, 09:51 AM)grrrz Wrote:
(09-27-2015, 10:51 AM)FlawlessHappiness Wrote: In the end, where Catherine says Simon had been too ignorant to understand that there was a 50% chance they'd get on the Ark, did she actually clearly say it anywhere in the game? Or did she only hint towards it?

Got any quotes?

This is made abundantly clear when you change your body earlier in the game, there is probably an explanation but it's like the central point of the game, when you have to decide if you kill you other self or not. yes it's a freaking hint.
(and it's not really a 50% chance, both Simon will exist at this point one in the Ark, one left behind)

(09-27-2015, 10:53 PM)caffeine4671 Wrote: I really liked how Simon reacted, despite some criticizing it. It's a commonly-held belief that one's own consciousness and mind are somehow special and that you as yourself can't 'end'. In reality, Simon 2 was never transferred, the player was experiencing memories of Simon and Simon-2, no 'coin toss' at all.

"NO NO, I'M A SUPER SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE, MY CONSCIOUSNESS BREAKS THE LAWS OF PHYSICS, NOPE NOPE" is what a lot of people and me (at times)think, that we can't somehow be a product of nature and our consciousness being a bunch of neurons firing, our minds are somehow magical and break reality. Wink

yeah just put yourself in his shoes to understand his reaction, even if intellectually he probably knew (as we did, but yet as the player WE didn't really thought this through either did we?); the situation is dreadful, and he's totally pissed, and he may probably as well kill himself.

What happened when Cat had her cortex chip transferred from the robot on the floor to the Omnitool? Was that a copy, or was she just moving the chip to a new home?

At the time I thought she was just moving her conscious to a new home, though the mechanics of continuity within the context of the game hadn't been explained yet.
10-11-2015, 09:07 AM

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