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[SPOILERS] - Your scariest part of the game
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RE: [SPOILERS] - Your scariest part of the game

DEFINITELY the Abyss. The currents sounded like thunder rolling over me so I actually caught myself looking up to check on that a couple of times. Also the atmosphere down there was just VERY alien, deserted and generally incredibly hostile and strange. You could sense that if there was a place humans were absolutely never meant to visit, it's down at a depth like that. And I ran into that Angler Fish as well. Scared me pretty bad.

I did enjoy the ride down in the climber though. The bioluminescent fish combined with Cath's beautiful story were really soothing. That was also also one of the moments where I was 100 % convinced that Cathrine was just a normal human mind. I actually tried to account for her as a passenger when starting the descent at the panel where you have to enter the number of passengers. Wouldn't move though when I entered '2', I think it would've been a fun little detail if it actually had.
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