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Can I play AMFP without having played TDD?
PiratesFr33k Offline
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RE: Can I play AMFP without having played TDD?

Thanks very much for your replies! Smile

Regarding SOMA... there's a LOT of stuff/clutter there to pick up and roll around, but it's mostly just that. Clutter. Then again, you can pretty much pick up every object in the game, so that sounds a bit more like TDD. I would describe SOMA as a heavily story-driven first-person exploration game with the occasional puzzles and a few enemies thrown in, from which you have to hide or which you have to work your way around. They are just not as frequent as in TDD. So I *think* that SOMA is kind of like a middle ground between TDD and AMFP.

But again: I absolutely *ADORE* SOMA. I'm a huge fan of story-driven games. I do like survival horror games, but clearly not as much. So... based on your reply, IIPEE, it really sounds like AMFP would be better for me than TDD.

Thanks again! Smile
10-17-2015, 03:39 PM

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