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I Enjoyed The Penumbra Series More Than Amnesia
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I Enjoyed The Penumbra Series More Than Amnesia

Does anyone else have the same opinion? I really did enjoy the Penumbra Series more than Amnesia - The Dark Descent. Maybe it was because it's longer, or the music, or the well made puzzles, or the story, or how it feels a lot more personal, knowing that this game takes place in our modern day civilization. I just feel like it's more likely that I'll get in Philip's situation than Daniel's. Penumbra - Overture really felt like I was urban exploring. People have explored mines by themselves before, search it up on YouTube. The likely hood of exploring a huge castle seems much less likely. Penumbra - Overture has a true sense of isolation. It felt so much more immersive than Amnesia and Soma because I guess it feels more personal. Penumbra's immersion and the way it makes you feel makes up for it's graphics. And there's something else about these games that I can't just think of what it is.. There's something else that makes these games so special and I can't seem to bring it to the top of my head.

Tell me what you think and if you agree.

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