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The future of immigration
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RE: The future of immigration

Here's my two cents. Since I'm radical in terms of immigration, this contains some controversial stuff so read at your own risk.

Personally, untill they respect our lifestyle and culture I have nothing against it. Sometimes I read news about stuff like "Shariah Police" patrolling the streets, so called immigrants murdering people because they couldn't find a job or even worse - due to their religious reasons, or them calling out to break in to people's houses and slay them for their God, it just throws me away because of how fucked up that is. The western countries have allowed for WAY too much freedom of migration - very, VERY bad borders control, giving citizenship way too quickly or providing social money for these people which is the worst idea ever - firstly, a certain amount of money has to be taken from taxpayers as a % from the overall tax value, then YOUR money is given for people that have 7,8 oftenly even more children and thus they're getting more money stolen from you. You don't have a job and need money to live? Get one, and earn money. There's absolutely no way for social money to exist in this case. As long as they're able to work, they HAVE to work if they want to live. Social money should only exist in the case of disabled people, mothers with children that don't have any way to work and old people without any relatives to help them out with their financing. The second thing that bothers me is that I want them to assimilate with OUR culture. It's the MINORITY that assimilates with MAJORITY, and that never works in the reversed way. Europe is mostly populated with europeans that have their own lifestyle, languages, religions and culture. They should assimilate with us, it is NOT our buisness to run around and build mosques for them because of the tolerance reasons. I want them to respect our rights. This would work in a very easy and simple way: they respect our shit, and we partially respect their shit that doesn't hurt us in any way, without letting them to decide about our life. Third thing I'd like to mention is to make the military, safety and prison systems more strict. More professional soldiers, more police officers and more strict penalties for crimes - lifetime imprisonment/sending them back to where they came from for murders, rapes and other heavy doings. Less strict penalities for stuff like breaking in, stealing, etc, this should be punished with 15 - 20 years in prison.

Last thing, more strict borders control - removal of the "go wherever you please" European system, and returning to the system based on passports - with one you may cross. No passport? Sorry, get one and come back again. While I can understand people getting upset about it and even comparing it to communistic ideas, as long as the situation is not stable and the danger rises, there is no other wise way we can control the borders. I think what kills Europe the most is the current tolerance system (that focuses on ultra - tolerating others, letting them stomp into our lifestyle and our culture, chaning it for their own needs, and treating us, europeans like shit), the border system, and the social system - three elements I think need to be improved a lot.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention. As long as the worst islamic countires were ruled by solid, ruthless dictators, there was no immigration crisis. Untill someone discovered the amount of petroleum lying on their territories and decided to bring their great democracy in order to overthrow the evil, bad dictators.
11-21-2015, 08:58 PM

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