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Novint Falcon
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Novint Falcon

So, this is probably hidden in the dark depths of "I can't read and it's really obvious" but since that's the case, what's the worst to come from posting here?

Is Amnesia going to / likely to / not going to have Falcon support?
I felt it really added a lot to Penumbra, and I don't actually use the thing for much else so I'd love to see it re-surface for the new game.

Or was there just not enough love from the game-buying public to bother with the massive hassle of coding it all?
If that's the case then fair play, but one poor user will be disappointed at the very least.
(Still probably buying it, so don't feel *too* bad, but disappointed nonetheless)

If it is definitely included, then how do we go about pre-ordering the haptic version?
I'd like to do so straight from your stores and get as little money as possible to people who aren't the tiny team of legends who made all of this possible <3
03-02-2010, 10:10 PM

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