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Blog: "Why Trial and Error will Doom Games"
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RE: Blog: "Why Trial and Error will Doom Games"

Has anyone tried Korsakovia yet? It's a Half life 2 mod so it's pretty much free. (If you have Half life 2 and I know you do).

Thomas is right, it's a perfect example of trial and error totally killing the immersion factor. The game is brutal on your senses and emotions (you have to try it to see), then suddenly,in the second level, it's the first "trial and error" game killer. It wasn't too bad, but bad enough. The second one was KILLER. I got through it but it took me 20 min. and a bunch of tries and that just gets frustrating, but then it throws you straight back into panic mode, and another "trial and error" sequence, though not near as bad, but that takes 30 min. out of your game, if you even do decice to continue.

I'm not knocking the game! It will mess with ya. Every psycho thriller/horror fan should try it. My spine is tingling just thinking about it! THOSE DAMN COLLECTORS
05-18-2010, 03:54 AM

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