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Penumbra - Overture announced!
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RE: Penumbra - Overture announced!

Figured I could answer some questions Smile

"That means that you will include everything from the demo, or are you guys rewriting that part of the game?"
The tech demo levels will not be in the game.

"You said new melee combat.. can you explain what that intitles or is it a secret?"
We are gonna post some videos of it when it gets more refined. As a hint I can say that we have system to go to from animation to ragdoll and back and we are using it Smile

"Also, you said commecial, that means we have to buy it then.... Will it be relatively cheap?"
I'm afraid this is unkown at the moment. It will most likely be budget priced though.

08-25-2006, 02:20 PM

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