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Penumbra - Overture announced!
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RE: Penumbra - Overture announced!

alright, I'll ask some questions again(Hopefully I can think of some=/)
Where did you get the name "Penumbra" ?

Where did you get the name "Overture" ?

How many monsters will be in this game? Like alot of different ones barely used twice, medium amout used a couple times, or a small amout used alot(or you can't tell? >Tongue)

How long will this be compared to the "tech demo" ? Or you can't tell?

If you do get a pubplisher, will the game come in like the official box's, with a nice picture on the front, some pictures on the back telling about the game, the cd+cd-booklet? (I'd expect those to be pretty standered now-a-days...)

You told us about a new melee system, will you be able to put ANYTHING in your bookbag(maybe some idems take up more space) Like a pickaxe, latern, maybe a metal bar (Basicly non-important things)

Will this game have a fancy intro? Like a movie? Or are you sticking with pictures?
(If your staying with pictures, are you making a longer/better intro? Or you can't really say? )

How challenging are the puzzles compared to the "tech demo" ?

Sorry for misspelling things, I'm too lazy right now>_>
And thanks for answering if you do.

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