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Penumbra - Overture announced!
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RE: Penumbra - Overture announced!

gamgam2 Wrote:Where did you get the name "Overture" ?
It symbolizes is the beginning of something. To know what, play the game Wink

gamgam2 Wrote:How many monsters will be in this game? Like alot of different ones barely used twice, medium amout used a couple times, or a small amout used alot(or you can't tell? >Tongue)
Monsters encounters will be rare (or at least rarer than normal games) and we want to try and make them different as unique as possible. This does not mean there will be 20 different monsters though Smile

gamgam2 Wrote:How long will this be compared to the "tech demo" ? Or you can't tell?
Hard to tell at this point.

gamgam2 Wrote:If you do get a pubplisher, will the game come in like the official box's, with a nice picture on the front, some pictures on the back telling about the game, the cd+cd-booklet? (I'd expect those to be pretty standered now-a-days...)
Yup, something like that.

gamgam2 Wrote:You told us about a new melee system, will you be able to put ANYTHING in your bookbag(maybe some idems take up more space) Like a pickaxe, latern, maybe a metal bar (Basicly non-important things)
There will be special melee items. We will try to make all stuff that the player would like to use as melee a weapon. However it will not be like Dead Rising where all things are melee weapons.

gamgam2 Wrote:Will this game have a fancy intro? Like a movie? Or are you sticking with pictures?
(If your staying with pictures, are you making a longer/better intro? Or you can't really say? )
Dunno at this point.

gamgam2 Wrote:How challenging are the puzzles compared to the "tech demo" ?
Hard to say Tongue All should be solvable if you think enough. It will probably be like the demo + a lil bit more challanging.
09-20-2006, 05:57 AM

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