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Changing "Lantern" More Advanced.
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RE: Changing "Lantern" More Advanced.

(01-25-2016, 07:13 PM)Darkfire Wrote: I have pretty much no experience with full conversions, but
1)I think every banner needs to be set up when you make a full conversion
2) you don't really have to care too much, most inexperienced players don't play full conversions and the others will get what's going on
3) I'd still put some messages there just to show that you're professional.

Well I try to put a lot of work on my Fc, First time I'm working on a cs, and not even finished and jumped to fc, so it kinda is diffirent for me I don't know all of the things yet, but hopefully will learn it.
and I really hope much people are gonna play it, and if they aren't.... then yeah haha.
Thanks for answer anyway, btw do you know how to, I don't know how to explain:

So in the pic, the red circle around the fence, there is no "bars" in it as there is at the other fence's, and I can see the bars if I get close to it and "have it rotated" but this doesn't work, which is a BIG problem, since the player can't move here and It looks pretty ugly, a frence with... well basically a iron pole lol Tongue

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