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Penumbra: Overture website & publisher announced
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RE: Penumbra: Overture website & publisher announced

But one thing I just realized in it, the light is really really bright, alot brighter than I would expect it to, Unless this game has like the charecter's pupils enlarge/dis-enlarge depending on the amout of light(That would both rock and suck at the same time)
and if you look in the picture, where the source of the light is coming from, is the end of the tunnel, but below that in the same room there's also another pool of light, maybe it's snow reflecting sunlight or something
Who knows, maybe it's something we coudn't even guess atO_o

9:37 AM Nebraksa time: All people who have posted in this thread are online.  Let's celebrate by the devolpers giving more pictures

and damn, keep forgetting to add this>_<
Jens, you got my private message, right?(I think I sent it to you)
But everyone here, we should all start greeting the people who join the forum, it would feel nice to join this place and have like 10 people greet you within the first day: )
and btw, 10 guests right now>_> Starting to get alittle more public

Sometimes, if you look carefully at a wall for a few minutes, you'll realize you wasted some time.  It's true.
10-06-2006, 03:36 PM
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