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Suggestions and Ideas
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RE: Suggestions and Ideas

Minor spoilers!

Great game, but there was some story based flaws and a gameplay issue:
- First, the most annoying: the frozen hand at the lake. First i tried to hit it with my hammer - nothing. Okay, lets try the pickaxe, that should do it - still nothing. I screwed around like ten minutes, then i got bored a looked up the solution the gamefaqs: i SAW the hand off from the joint, then when it drops it releases the crowbar. What the duck, it doesnt make any sense.
- Secondly the morse code. Yeah, i looked up the solution at the internet - i dont have the morse abc in my head - however, if i would be trapped down there i would be fucked without the luxury of the internet. The point is, it would be a good idea hiding somewhere a translation chart or something - this is a radio station after all.
- And about the chemicals: the most things you listed are powder or gas, not liquid.

I'm looking forward to Ep 2, if it'll be better, then it would be an awesome game.
08-31-2007, 06:44 PM

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