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Suggestions and Ideas

RE: Suggestions and Ideas

No, no. I meant change the inventory item you are holding. The mouse wheel cycles which of the numbered inventory items are currently readied/equipped. Maybe a quick bar HUD could fade into view when you scroll letting you know the next and previous items (like Thief: Deadly Shadows). Just for a touch of class. Wink

I'd like to add a couple more control ideas, too:

1. Turning while dragging. It doesn't make any sense why I shouldn't be able to turn while dragging a crate. A very heavy crate, alright, but for a little fruit crate I think there should be more maneuverability. Heck, we should be able to lift medium sized crates. Wink

2. Reduce the radius occupied by player character's body. It's irritating having to step to the side to open drawers. Since there is no visible body who's to say how much space your body takes up? Better to give us a little bit more of that room for practical use.
10-21-2006, 07:22 AM

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