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Suggestions and Ideas
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RE: Suggestions and Ideas

Rowedekhelicon Wrote:
Dark_Raver Wrote:
Rowedekhelicon Wrote:
Dark_Raver Wrote:1. you mean like in rainbow six raven shield?
*shrugs* I don't play those games, but I'll bet you're right. Smile

well let me explain the Smile, it had a smooth movement key, when you hold it and move your mous from left to right will cause it to lean (the farther you pushed the farther he will lean) and from top to bottom to crouch and stand
but now you mention thats a verry good idea to implent :p
Exactly! .. Well, except I don't know about the crouch/stand axis... unless you mean that it would replace the crouch key as well. THAT might be interesting. And the lower you crouch the slower you move. At the lowest crouch you're creeping along so slowly that enemies can hardly even hear your footsteps. ... But my original idea was that forward mouse movements would result in leaning forward.

well it was when you moved your mouse down you would bend your knees(but keep your walking speed) and after a certain position you would go over to crouch.
didnt use the system much but when i used it it was great (and helpfull) Smile

btw, in thief:
knock/kill someone, stand over him, croucn and keep pressing/releasing the lean forward key: ass raping :p
nah, just kidding :d

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10-25-2006, 01:32 PM

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