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So, what did you think of the ending?
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RE: So, what did you think of the ending?

Haha, sorry, I just mashed together all of Lovecraft's favourite endings. A story that included a tentacle monster, a protagonist that commits suicide in an insane asylum, and an ancient ruin being dynamited would be too Lovecraftian for HPL himself.

Lovecraft wanted to create stories that would 'scare an atheist', and his way of doing so was to end his stories with either an inescapable horror, or with protagonist returning to the normal world, but irrevocably damaged by their experience.

The bad ending is slightly Lovecraftian, but the emphasis on justice with Daniel getting what he deserved offsets that. There is no justice in Lovecraft's world. Only cosmic indifference. I don't think the other two endings are very Lovecraftian at all. The revenge ending once again has an emphasis on justice, and I assume that Daniel escapes mostly sane. The good ending is, well, good. Dedicated Lovecraft readers raise an eyebrown when HPL writes a happy ending. It's just not his style.
10-11-2010, 09:15 AM

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