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I'm so amazed
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I'm so amazed

Hello! Just a small output of my experiences I just had to share to show my gratitude to Frictional Games!

Amnesia was such a nice yet terrifying experience for me. I'm not joking but I did shrooms with my buds in a dark room and decided to play this game through, whoa was it a blast. When you're in that state of mind you literally feel like you're in the game as Daniel, you really feel like something's behind you. It was fascinating and also scary as fuck - solo I probably couldn't have gone through with it, but with the help of my shroomy friends I managed Big Grin

Real big thumbs up for Frictional Games with their sense of game-developing, creating atmosphere, storytelling and creeping the fuck out of people! Smile

IF ONLY I would've done shrooms on my Soma gameplay, which I didn't and it kinda saddens me now that I think of it. I mean that story is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing I still can't get over it. The questions it left in my mind. I felt so alone in the end.

Soma as a game tested me as a person, tested my values on Humans, questioned my views on concioucness and the list goes on - never has a game done this to me before, nor a movie. Also including well put out gameplay, AMAZING GRAPHICS, MUSICS & SOUNDS, which led to an atmosphere only Frictional Games can develop. If I were shroomed and so deeply into the story I would've probably actually changed as a person to some degree.

The next frictional games I'm gonna go back to my roots and take some shrooms and make the experience so that I'm actually the next character, just like I was Daniel back in the day. If you familiar with shrooms and not weak-minded I think you should give it a go :p it's a hell of a ride!

PS I'm a bit in the late train with Soma but from what I've read you didn't make such a success/profit from this game. Now that there I just don't understand - How such a detailed game, which has movie-like atmosphere (but you're actually in it!), the best story in a video game, the length of it, horrific, thought-provoking and the overall quality can not sell so much? I'm sorry but I can't help to think that A Machine for Pigs has something to do with it..

But I literally just made this account mainly to post this thread to say

Thank you Frictional Games for the games you've put out, they're simply amazing, the best games I've ever played. I'm going give out a really good word for all my gamer friends about Soma and the other games and hopefully you'll sell a few more copies and hopefully my friends won't piss themselves Wink. So excited about your future releases, I wait them even more than Christmas! Keep up the amazing work!
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