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Custom Stories
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Smile  Custom Stories

So I wanna start off saying Frictional Games has made some amazing games. I really love the dark atmosphere they use in their titles, along with the locations. They really know how to make a proper horror game. Smile

I recently finished up SOMA again for the around the 10th time and have to ask the community, where are the custom stories? I remember playing Amnesia years ago and watching them poor in. Most of them were almost as good as the actual game itself. I think I have an average of 300 hours put in.

Now I have done many searches along with the steam workshop and I've found about 4, 15 minute ones. They by all means are to some extent good, and I know it's not easy creating them...but what's the deal?

Did the long time amnesia CS creators move on to new things? Is the new engine a lot more difficult to work with? Is the interest to make them anymore not there? I was going to ask this awhile back, but figured I would give it time and ask here. I really love SOMA and really hope there's gonna be something soon, but the more time that passes I don't know. Even if not, it'll still always be one of my favorite games.
07-22-2016, 05:52 PM

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