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penumbra, a killergame?
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penumbra, a killergame?

hey folks, i think i'm having a serious problem.
in germany clueless politicians have made the people believe that killergames have and will lead to pupils shooting other pupils and teachers at their schools.

i wonder if the people in charge of determining wether a game is a killer game or not would call penumbra a killergame, since it seems to involve killing (not sure, tho)

also: if the german politicians succeed to make this a EU thing, that would *horribly* suck Sad

and it's also not only the politicians, also the media seems to like the concept of the evil killergames turning innocent, peaceful pupils into furious killing machines and i can imagine that most people would agree on their view Sad

please tell me i'm going to get to play penumbra :|
01-17-2007, 09:01 PM

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