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Gaming funk?
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Gaming funk?

I've wanted to pen this down for a while now. Since childhood I loved video games, and my passion toward this beautiful medium was probably founded due to the fact that instead of going out with other kids I would sit at home due to health issues, where I played tons of shit. Like, I could literally spend days on Retrun to Castle Wolfenstein, RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, Morrowind or Gothic 2. As years rapidly flied by, I felt like I'm getting even more rejected from my peers, couldn't really fit among them, started being "that" guy who sits at home and barely talks to his friends. But don't get me wrong - this isn't about me whining on being alone or antisocial, fuck no, I was and partially still am like that, but I absolutely don't mind it. I've accepted and started loving it. I think what filled in the hole caused by this were the video games that I played, so I never really had any bigger problems with my personality or the environment around me. But this didn't last forever, as it turns out. Recently, I've ran into this occurrence, the so called "gaming funk". And guess what? Thanks to that I realized that besides gaming I really have no other hobbies to occupy myself with when I sit at home. So, days became longer, I've grown even more bored and tired since I don't have anything to do, and I'm afraid that a slight tint of depression is starting to catch me. People have been like "meh, find a hobby mate" but this isn't exactly helpful. Almost every hobby I had was linked to video games - modding, recording videos, bits of machinima stuff in the past. I've also heard people saying to try out different genres, but it didn't work either because my funk applies to everything related to playing shit.

Now that you know how important games are to me, I ask for your hints. How do I get out of this hole that I basically dug for myself? Am I just growing into an old fart and simply stopped to enjoy a good game, or should I just take a huge break from playing stuff and focus on something else?
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