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Oh my god o.O
I played this game with a friend of mine this evening and we eventually ended up in the cellar/prison area. When we reached the kitchen after some horrific moments, we heard another monster sound and we went behind a wall in the corner near the Acid barrel.

We still heard the monster but thought he was going away. As we were about to walk away again we saw the monster quickly came from behind the wall but luckily didn't see us and dissapeared.
My friend got scared so badly that he flew to the other side of the room xD.
I nearly shit myself at that moment. It was so damn scary!

And that wasn't the only thing that scared us so freaking badly.
At a certain point we reached a gate with a weak lock on it inside the Prison map. We threw the acid on it and use the hammer/chisel thing and we heard a growl from behind. We saw a zombie coming and ran like hell through a dark tunnel. No lights nothing we ran through the darkness.
When we came to a dead end, we still heard the foodsteps, growling and terrifying sounds. We turned around and the monster's head was like right in our face!!! I nearly had a heartattack and i'm not even talking about my friend's reaction yet Tongue
He nearly screamed and ran out of the room hahahaha.

That this game makes you so scared that you nearly shit yourself or fly to the other side of the room is so impressive! I never had this feeling before with horror games.
I really love this game Big Grin The adrenaline rush is effing awesome!

10/10 rated by me!
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