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personaly i don't find these games "scary" as you would define it, ok i must admit i almost shat my pants at the end off Penumbra: Overture. but thats it.
I find Penumbra and Amnesia more of an adrenaline rush, i and hope that FG keeps it that way. I hate when game designers do "BOO!" scares, it just makes the game not enjoyable to me. Personaly i find Penumbra and Amnesia the best Survival horror games ever made, i love that there is only you and you have no means to defend yourself. it just makes it so much "OMG HOLY SHIT I NEED TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE" than lets say F.E.A.R where you can just blast your way through the whole game.

i'm not trying to make myself a internet tough guy but i don't find Amnesia alongside Penumbra as scary as F.E.A.R, there is something about little children that just makes me wanna cringe up in a corner and die.

at 2:14, fucking christ.

well even tho Little children is kinda of an cliché it still freaks me out and i fucking hate the Grudge movies, i almost cry out of fear when i see the the ghost :'(

11-08-2010, 02:13 PM

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