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Post Your Desktop
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RE: Post Your Desktop

yep, it's gentoo linux to be exact (but that's of no importance)
it's running beryl with aquamarine and Polyester as window decorations (i think this could possibly be not the polyester that i actually run)
this as the wallpaper: Relax in the Sun
this is the iconset: BC Tango KDE
the terminal is urxvt (some distros call the package "rxvt-unicode") with those .Xdefaults

the jabber client is the gorgeous psi
the ICQ client is LICQ

in the corner you can see the icon of beryl-manager, next to it basKet note pads, KGPG and Amarok.

the IRC client in the terminal below is the lovely irssi running on the server that also hosts all my webspace. it is put into a GNU screen session.

the screenshot also features the icons of my two windows partitions which have not been touched at all for at least 9 months or more.

and i think that's about all you need to recreate my desktop.
but just a few hours ago i added superkaramba with the SoundMania thingie in the upper left corner Smile

and thanks for the compliment Big Grin
02-13-2007, 11:32 PM

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