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Amnesia - The UNKNOWN Descent Project - NEW THREAD
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Information  Amnesia - The UNKNOWN Descent Project - NEW THREAD

Hi, welcome to the new thread of my project "Amnesia - The UNKNOWN Descent". So, this project has the following objectives:

Bring back some of the unused/alpha features from Amnesia (EXCEPT FOR WEAPONS)

Add new stuff as well

Before, this project was only about the alpha of the game, before called UNKNOWN and Lux Tenebras, (not the soundtrack "Lux Tenebras/ Normal Ending") but then i decided to put some new stuff as well, such as new items and special collectables that can be used as coins. The project was before near 100% completed, but i looked and it was still far away from the finish line, so i reseted the project status to 35/45%. I have some videos at my channel that shows a little about the project. Here is one of them: (I wanted to put three, but i can only put one.)

An video showing an KILLABLE enemy (It have some lag and the map is an recreation i made of Havi's Zombie Escape, a classic, but i can't publish it without Havi's permission)

As you can see, i made an inventory similar to Penumbra - Necrologue's. Basically i copyed some of the game.cfg's inventory configs and pasted at the normal game.cfg and edited a few things. I also copyed the graphics from Necrologue (inventory_health_XX.tga) and edited to the UNKNOWN inventory style. Also an sanity icon from Time Distortion, credits goes to KiraImmortal. Also, i added a new lantern model, but the lantern and the player hand will not appear at the final version following the alpha of the game. Credits goes to MrSomeEpicRandomGuy for the lantern model.

And that is it! My old thread about the project is still active and you can go check it out at Development Support. I hope you enjoy this project when it comes out Big GrinBig Grin
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