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Things that would have made Amnesia scarier
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RE: Things that would have made Amnesia scarier

I registered an account here just to post in this thread, haha. Great game so far. I am not done with the game yet so I apologize if I mention something that will occur later on in the game, by chance.

In no particular order, this is what I would have liked to see:

1. Greater/different impacts to insanity. The wall-warping and sound effects are cool, but eventually I tuned them out because I know they meant nothing. I feel like insanity has to have a larger factor of unpredictability to it. The game is already full of occasional wall shakes, dust bursts, noises, etc, but what would have made me piss myself even harder would be hearing footsteps belonging to nobody or having shadows of monsters appear on walls in front of me (only to have nothing behind me). Seeing people spying on me and then slithering away into the shadows.

2. Also extending the insanity idea, an intense scene might be an area devoid of light and torches where you inevitably go insane and start tripping/falling -- only to hear something lumbering towards you off in the distance with increasingly rapid footsteps.

3. I also second the idea of having a long hallway with a visible monster at one ending chasing after you while you have to get your shit together in order to solve a puzzle to ensure you get out alive in time.

4. Scenes where we have to hide... but with fewer options than we intuit. Like the scene where we have to hide in the closet, I imagined a scene where we might have a closet to hide in, a desk to use as cover, a shelf we could hide behind, etc. But perhaps the monster will *actually check* one or two of these otherwise reasonable hiding spots. Perhaps I could be hiding behind a shelf, spying on the monster to see when it's safe -- only to have something unexpected appear from behind/the side, completely killing my sense of security -- forcing me to rethink my hiding place.

5. A scene of total darkness where you have to make your way around the room by the sound of objects and occasional tinges of light. Hearing shuffles or growls would work well here, too -- especially if this scene were otherwise completely silent (perhaps with the sound of light rain on the roof). For an added scare, when the lights come on, you might find yourself in a truly disturbing room (either blood all over the walls or monsters everywhere, etc).

6. Mirrors can also provide for some pretty nasty scares. Either seeing things that aren't behind you (or seeing things that are... actually in front of you coming out of the mirror). Imagine seeing a monster behind you only to turn around, see nothing, and get completely torn apart by the monster you thought was a reflection.

7. I second the idea of having a chained monster next to an item you need to snag.

8. I can't count the number of times I expected something to jump out from inside a closet or from within a drawer or underneath a pile or otherwise innocuous rubble/furniture.

9. Doors opening/closing by themselves (either silently or not) or leaving a fairly clean room only to come back and notice evidence that someone has just been there.

10. I would have liked to actually experience some of the torture scenes (even in in brief flashes). While the sound of the tortures were sketchy, they didn't necessarily scare or disturb me in ways that they could have -- mainly because I knew they were audio memories that would end soon. The first scene to Penumbra: Black Plague was really disturbing because you could hear someone *getting stabbed right next door to you in realtime* -- and you could later visit that room and see the aftermath. Having more elements like this would be great.

11. Truly unexpected things out of nowhere when you interact with something in the environment that is expected to react a certain way. There was one scene in Doom 3 that made me lose my lunch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNsYGr5WF...re=related

12. I think there are too many "collect item/do something, monster appears" sequences. For once I'd like to run around an otherwise quiet corner to find myself staring down something chasing after me relentlessly (or to have it standing right smack in front of me).

13. Deja vu moments where we enter the same room/hallway twice. This was also done in an early scene in Black Plague, and I thought it was decently confusing/disturbing. "Didn't I just see this? Did I backtrack without noticing? Wasn't I going forward?"

14. Scare focusing. It's one thing to see a creature far off in the distance while we're behind the safety of an iron gate, but it's another thing to find that something else much closer to home is happening while we're busy focusing on something scary in the distance. "Eesh, that's scary... good thing I'm OHH MY GODDD"

15. One part that scared me a lot that I would have liked to see more of was something that happened in the opening to the Storage level. A monster appeared and proceeded to walk directly through a dark entrance into the next room... but this was an entrance I needed to enter, myself.
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