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Things that would have made Amnesia scarier
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RE: Things that would have made Amnesia scarier

Hi, everyone. :] I'm new here~

Ooo. Awesome ideas. *o*

I really like the chained monster-puzzled idea. I keep imagining like a giant mutated guard dog of some sort, or perhaps a large guardian-esque creature chained up next to the item you need. A typical grunt is scary, but the thought of a "special" monster guarding the item of interest may add to the thrill of it.

The idea of going into a room with monsters surrounding you reminds me of a scene in the Condemned games.

(Potential Condemned (level part) spoilers?)
...These mannequins follow you behind your back, and each time you turn around they're like a few steps closer to you. Eventually when you get to the corner of a room, you turn around and they're all surrounding you. Nothing happens. It's just creepy as hell.
I think that may have been inspired by the living garden hedge animals in... Um... Stephen King's IT?
(End Potential spoilers.)

Personally, I don't like the idea of having a monster pop up at you from a closet. It's not that it's too scary, I'm just thinking how a person could possibly escape that. And then, you have to wonder, "WHY is the monster hanging out in there in the first place? -_-" It doesn't seem like a possible scenario.

Has anyone here played Haunting Ground? I saw someone mention that there should be multiple places to hide in (i.e. hide under a desk) and that monsters will look for you. That happened in Haunting Ground. Jeez, that was scary. Sometimes, if you hid in the same place too many times, they'd catch on and find you there. Your only choice left was to run like crazy. I remember hiding under a bed and my first enemy looked there and he was like, "LOL HI. Time to kill you nao." That would have been exciting in Amnesia.

so yeah. :3
01-08-2011, 10:06 PM

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