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SOMA not working on 10.13.4 beta and eGPU
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Not Solved RE: SOMA not working on 10.13.4 beta and eGPU

Hi yes I've tried to start over a new game, same issue. Maybe it is a OpenGL issue that will be fixed in the next beta update or final release but the strange things that with all the games and software I have it seems to happen only to SOMA.
iMac pro has Vega graphics, maybe a tester/user with iMac pro could report if it has the same issue with 10.13.4 once released. I will report if next beta will fix this.

On macOS drivers are update with the OS itself.

PS: trying to attach my saves (4MB) but it never appear in attachments section.
PPS: uploaded to my server http://www.iksnet.it/ikir/temp/soma_saves.zip

.png   Schermata 2018-02-27 alle 11.10.56.png (Size: 124.67 KB / Downloads: 176)
This is the screen after the load is completed.
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