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Let's play - Amnesia! - FINISHED
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RE: Let's play - Amnesia! [Somewhat Blind]

(12-16-2010, 01:55 PM)LoneWolf Wrote:
(12-15-2010, 09:06 PM)xiphirx Wrote: One thing to note:
Spoiler below!
Once you have the rods, evade the first monster, then RUN! you'll see another monster come up, just go around him, head STRAIGHT for the table in the middle, and jump up on it, then over, then RUN to the exit. This way, you wont get hit.

Yes but for those yet to play this scene, they will be spoiled and part of the game will be ruined for them, its happened to me ages ago.
Anyway thanks for adding in the spoiler tab.

Nice videos so far SillySprites Smile . If you need any help with scripting i can help i'm currently making a small level and have became pretty good at it now.

EDIT: Watched video 9, to answer your question on the music:

Spoiler below!

When the scary music turns off it means that the monster is either gone or no longer searching for you or far away from you. So you can still find them but they will probably be far away from you.

Thanks for the clarification!! Big Grin And um yeah! So the map im making will actually be quite large, ((Story takes place in a 3 story mansion: Not including attic, basements and other extraments)) The story I think, is really unique! Ive no idea how to do ANY scripting, Or make ceilings and working on different levels. ((But that I will probably be able to handle once i figure it out))

But yes! I would love to have you help me script! I'll give you more details as they surface :3 thanks!!
12-16-2010, 08:51 PM

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