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What's the worst part of the game? (Opinions)
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RE: What's the worst part of the game? (Opinions)

Spoiler below!
Game got predictable.

Enemys stopped being scary after the dungeon, except the first real encounter with a brute in the sewers.

Stealth system needed a little bit of work.

Some puzzles seemed to contradict how the game tries to be all immersible, and give you multiple solutions. For example: In the dungeons when you get the hammer and chisel, why can't you use one of the square shaped stones as a hammer instead of having to go find the hammer?

Sanity system needed work. I mean, they probably should have thought of another way to keep a player in the light, so they have to debate over hiding and risk being seen by staying in the light, however being afraid of the dark is just kinda lame.

I can understand being in like the storage room level where its completely dark everywhere, but if its a well lit area and you're in the small shadows, you shouldn't start losing it. They probably should have made it more related to strange events and monsters, rather than the darkness.

(01-01-2011, 02:44 AM)Lee Wrote: For me it would have to be the characterization. Not the characters themselves, but how they are introduced and built.
Spoiler below!

I liked it more in Penumbra where your objective was constantly to get to someone who promised you something in return for your help. I was compelled to find ways to get to Red, Eminiss, and Amabel because I built up a relationship with each.

In Amnesia, the only living person is Agrippa, and there's barely any buildup to his reveal. You then do some tasks for him and continue onward. I think there should have been more characters to actually build a friendship with, rather than just learn about through flashbacks and notes.

Spoiler below!
I honestly didn't even turn that lever he told me to turn to talk to him at first, because I was like "Something really bads going to happen if I do.... Turns out I was right"

Actually, tbh aggrisomething wasn't that bad.

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