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What's the worst part of the game? (Opinions)
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RE: What's the worst part of the game? (Opinions)

There are mainly two things that I thought could have been a lot better.

First, there were several things (specifically in puzzles) that just felt unclear. Not that the puzzles were too hard, but rather that they were very simple but just unclear about how things operated. Like the "break the window puzzle", that's hardly a puzzle, just a new game mechanic. Same thing goes with detonating the explosives in the cellar, I think I spent 30mins trying to get the thing to explode and even after I succeeded I'm still not quite sure what I did. I don't mind being stuck on a hard puzzle if I find it stimulating, but spending an unnecessarily long time figuring out something incredibly simplistic just makes me hit my head on the desk after completing it rather getting an endorphin kick out of having achieved something.

The second thing is that the Brute and Grunt just disappear after having been on a level for more then a couple of minutes. I like the fact that they can just seemingly appear and disappear because things that doesn't obey the laws of physics are scary, but after a while you figure out that if you haven't completed a level / map in a certain amount of time you're completely safe from monsters, unless you trigger some event.

Those are the two things that I really found to be "bad" when playing the game (although over all it's a very good game, I can point out bad things in any game). I would however like to add one thing that wasn't actually bad, it could just have been a lot better. I'm talking about the shadow. It just had such potential to be really good and scary, it sounded really awesome when reading Daniel's Note to Self; something unknown is following him that destroys everything in it's way and can't be fought. However, even though the shadow filled it's purpose, it wasn't really scary in any way, shape of form. I think it would have been better if the shadow was rarely encountered, hardly ever seen and not actually made of any matter; like a shadow or energy form.

And another thing that I would like to see improved in the next game would be if there was less need to hit the Tab key. It breaks immersion having to hit it every time I'm getting hit by the Water Lurker Thing to see my health for example. I really loved the fact that there was hardly any UI or that you got text message indication of your Health / Sanity instead of having a bar / percentage amount. But having some other indication like blood on your screen (or something more original) to show how well your doing would add to the experience. It would also be cool if you could get your items without actually pausing the game.
01-01-2011, 05:22 PM

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