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What's the worst part of the game? (Opinions)
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RE: What's the worst part of the game? (Opinions)

i think the reason why aggripa was bad had to do with the fact that for the scariness and intensity of the game, he is way too cheery and conversational.

Spoiler below!
honestly it sounded like aggripa wanted to go get a cup of coffee with me or do lunch.. it was a little conflicting for the whole feeling of the game.

don't get me wrong, walking down the stairs and seeing him dead and limp in the corner and thinking (yeah... this isn't scary at all [sarcastic]) and suddenly he pops his head up scared the life out of me... but he was like "sup? yeah i'm just chillin being tortured and stuff.. nothin new, really. what are you up to?" --not scary, kinda weird for the entire pace of the game.. it woulda made more sense if he started screaming at you or pleading with you to let him go or if you had to kill him to advance the game or SOMETHING else.

now sawing his head off and taking it with you was more comical than scary. i was like "LOL sure dude! let me just hop you in here next to my lantern"
all this to say, aggripa talked way too much.
01-15-2011, 06:42 AM

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