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Just Curious
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Just Curious

I'm not too fond of useless eye-candy and pimping-effects, but whenever I see an engine that supports most of that stuff and still runs well in my mother's PC I get surprised. This is the case with HPL/HPL2 engines. (Even tho Amnesia crashes and is buggy, due to the gfx card)

But I'm fond of certain effects in certain contexts, like Motion Blur in the horror context from Penumbra (Single Player horror + Motion Blur = <3), the Noise Filter was kind of a nice grungie looking feature, tho I turned it off most times due to the unrealistic look of it.

I only played Amnesia a bit (still waiting for my own PC to be fully fixed), but I noticed that while it has some other features, it also lacks some features from before. I was wondering, if Amnesia uses the same engine from Penumbra BP (or at least I was convinced it did), even tho it may be an improved version of it, why were some things removed?

Mind you that I don't think any less of Amnesia or FG because of that. I'm asking this for pure curiosity born from a chat between me and a friend tonight.

02-21-2011, 01:03 AM

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