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Custom Models
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RE: Custom Models

The problem should be this one:
daeTriangles.material = mesh.materials[k].name
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'name'

Simply add a meterial to the object. (I'm using blender 2.49b, btw)

- Import the .obj file, default settings are fine, I think.

- Then press F5 to show up the material options (or find the Shading icon on the viewport header, click it, and then click the Materials button that will pop up a little to the right (a red ball icon)).

- Then you'll see in there a panel called Link to Object and a button saying Add New. Just click this button to add a new material.
Export, and it all should be ok.

This is an easy solution that will, at least, allow you to export successfuly, but I can't garantee you that it will work all times with all models, though, and I don't know if the model editor from amnesia will read it well. I haven't yet tested model making for it.

But if you got any more problems, feel free to ask.

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