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An Amnesia Questionnaire (Spoilers!)
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RE: An Amnesia Questionnaire (Spoilers!)

(03-08-2011, 07:20 AM)eiahmon Wrote: While playing the game, did you...

... scream like a little girl whenever a monster spawned close by? No

... boast to others that the game wasn't that scary only to shit your pants shortly thereafter? Quite the opposite, I'd boast that it was the most terrifying experience I've had in a long time

... at any point have to quit the game to give your heart time to slow down and/or your hands to stop shaking? Yes, after the Kaernk chase and after completing the prison.

... die more than once - because you were killed by the same monster? Yes, damn Kaernk

... regret that you turned the handle and allowed a certain someone to talk to you? lol, as long winded as he is, it was a nice calming break from all the chaos.

... feel too frightened to open a door, because you thought a monster might be on the other side? All the time

... feel too frightened to pick up what you had come for, because you knew a monster might spawn? All the time

... pass out from low sanity while waiting for a monster to disappear? A couple times

... pass out from low sanity while hiding from a monster that wasn’t even there? Once

... attempt to flee from a monster only to run right smack into it? A couple times (damn that brute blocking the end of the sewers)

... jump off the window ledge in the study, just to see what would happen? Does poor platforming leading to a fall count?

... jump off the window ledge in the study and then laugh like a maniac when you died from the fall? See above answer, add yes (mostly due to my lack of skill though)

... spend a few minutes giggling insanely as you threw various objects into the vat of acid? I still do this after 20+ playthroughs.

... pick a hiding spot and realize too late that it wasn’t a very good hiding spot? yes, several times

... play through the game multiple times only to find out to your unpleasant surprise that things were slightly different that time around? Yes, much to my joy. I only wish things were more randomized every time you played.

... go back to an earlier save and play an area over again because it was so damn much fun? I do this all the time now, Have multiple profiles saved at various parts in game so I can play whatever section I want when I want.

... frantically try to stop the elevator when things started to go south? No.

... curse the Shadow six ways from Sunday when it showd up and ruined the sanctity of the Back Hall? (Bonus points if you did so in more than one language. XD) I groaned

... curse the Shadow six ways from Sunday whenever it showed up and made your sanity go from "Slight headache" to "omgwtf I'm dragging my face along the floor!"? See above
Answers in bold.

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05-11-2012, 04:47 PM
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