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Need some help with the workshop area
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RE: Need some help with the workshop area

hairysammoth Wrote:
Garenth Wrote:Hey, I could really use some help with a few things in the workshop area. Smile

Spoiler below!
Is it actually possible so successfully block the the door to the workshop area? The wolf seems to break through each time.

Spoiler below!
Where do I find the code to the keypad? I've looked all over. Also, where do I find a fuse to blow up the blocked passage? Im guessing it might be in the room with the keypad-lock.



Spoiler below!
I've never managed to permanently stop the wolf from getting in - I've only ever delayed it. That's usually enough though.

The fuse is on top of a shelf in the storage area - the very top, where you can't see it from ground level. You'll need to stack some boxes or something similar to get to it.

The code - if it's the one I believe you're talking about, there's several - can be worked out using an Emergency Procedures pamphlet and a radio transmission. See the Keypad Code topic in this forum for more clues.

can u plz be more specific whit that shelf ? in whitch room (of 4) is that....???
03-30-2007, 06:25 PM

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