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Need some help with the workshop area
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RE: Need some help with the workshop area

razvanrazy Wrote:
Garenth Wrote:Yeah, I can't find the fuse either, looked through the storage area several times, and most other places too. Sad


I figured it out, this is what you have to do:

hmmm...thx...i allready have first 2...the gunpowder i didn't...i'm, gonna go now and get it...thx Tongue

i did not find gunpowder in no barrel after the electric fence Sad

Ahahahahaha - sorry guys, I was thinking of the other type of fuse! There's a point where you have to find the electrical type of fuse as opposed to the explosives type. Sorry, I had you in a completely different part of the game. D'oh! No wonder it didn't help Tongue .

Regarding the gunpowder, razvanrazy -
Spoiler below!
It's in a barrel, but you have to smash it open before you can get at it.
03-30-2007, 07:03 PM

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