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Hpl Editor crashes constantly without rime our reason
Jackades Offline
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Solved: 8 Years, 4 Months, 3 Weeks ago Bug  Hpl Editor crashes constantly without rime our reason

[font=Verdana]I have a magnificent idea for a small custom story line for amnesia that will serve as an output for both my artsitic insticts and my desire to design games. But it seems that Hpl editor does not agree with me on this! At first it only crashed sometimes once upon a blue moon sky, but now it crashes by just browsing the menues. I can play the actual games without any problems, even on the highest of settings. And i did not notice any special lag or problems when i first started using the editor. Ive tried re-installing the game TWICE, switching between my two harddrives, updating the amnesia client and NOTHING as of far has done anything to help my dilema.

Please im on my knees here, Can ANYONE out there help me?
Below is a picture of the error message i reciev...i hope.

[Image: confound_this_error_message_by_thevoodoo...3d4eg4.jpg]
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