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Penumbra Questionnaire (SPOILERS!!)
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Penumbra Questionnaire (SPOILERS!!)

Penumbra Questionnaire

Beware! There are MASSIVE spoilers in this thread!

Spoiler below!


At any time during play did you... Phillip an idiot for a) going to Greenland in the first place, b) wandering the wilderness with no shelter but that convenient mineshaft, or c) not bailing as soon as things started to get weird?

... cuss out the auto save when it saved at the worst possible moment?

... have to go back to an earlier save because you forgot something important?

... shout out loud for Red to shut up whenever he started yammering on at the wrong time?

... go from being annoyed by Red’s jaw flapping to welcoming it because it was the only friendly thing in the whole area?

... get stuck on a puzzle, consult an internet walkthrough, and then feel like an idiot because the answer was so damned obvious?

... wish you hadn’t turned the generator on?

... wonder if the dogs regained their health whenever they ran off screen because the one you were trying to kill just wouldn’t die?

... crouch on top of a crate or barrel with pickaxe in hand and get weird looks from family/friends/roommates as you called “Here puppy, puppy, puppy...”?

... say out loud “Hey mutt, I’m right here!” to a dog that you were hoping to kill as it walked right past you without even seeing you?

... got weird looks (and the occasional concerned sounding “Are you alright?”) from friends/family/roommates when you fell off the barrel or crate and were shouting and cussing at Phillip because he just wouldn’t jump back up there?

... wonder after running from a giant worm “What the hell am I doing here?”?

... feel physically ill and try to stop the incinerator?

... feel sorry for Red when you learn just how long he had been down there?

... feel even more sorry for Red once you learned that he had been a child when he was stranded down there?

... get steamed at least a half dozen times in the Refinery?

... try to flee from a dog and end up running right smack into it instead?

...accidentally set yourself on fire during the spider chase?

(If you played Amnesia: The Dark Descent first...)
... walk into the Refinery and think: “This isn’t the Refinery.”?

... deliberately blow yourself up with the explosive just for laughs?

... jump down in those large crevices towards the end just for kicks?

Black Plague

... wonder who's nightmare inspired that weird ass dream sequence thing?

... chuckle the first time you saw an Infected?

... find the voice of the Infected humorous?

... laugh hysterically when you died during a tense moment?

... think sarcastically that the Archaic sounded like a great company to work for?

... grin like a maniac even as you were trying to stay alive because you were having such a good time?

... chuckle at some of the things that Clarence said, even as you imagined yourself wrapping your fingers around his throat and squeezing?

... let out a screech/shriek/scream when the body damn near fell on your head while climbing the scaffolding?

... freeze to death while wandering around outside?

... at any point, say something to the effect of: "Oh you've got to be kidding me!" upon seeing what diabolical hoops you were going to have to jump through to get what you needed?

... after jumping through said hoops have to take a minute to let your hands stop shaking?

... spend a few minutes just staring in mute horror at Amabel?

... give Clarence multiple death threats? Bonus points if you said them out loud.

(If you plays The Sims, Minecraft, or any other game that allows you to build stuff from the ground up)
... start thinking of what you would need to do to build the Shelter in your chosen game?


... accidentally crush yourself under the giant block crusher?

... accidentally fall in the water during the Sewer level and felt surprised that you could swim?

... wonder who among the gang at Frictional is the Donkey Kong fan?

... have the physics go completely wonky at random moments, which caused all sorts of weird stuff to happen?

... eagerly wait for the PA system to start up again, just so you could hear what kind of weird things it was going to spout off?

(If you played Amnesia: The Dark Descent)
... think that Alexander was talking to you at a certain point?

... have to remind yourself on multiple occasions (if you already knew ahead of time) that there were no monsters in the game?

... when it was all said and done, sit back and ponder how it felt like a lifetime ago that you started it all back in Overture?

What has been seen, cannot be unseen.
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