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I'm finding Black Plague somehow... Boring!!
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RE: I'm finding Black Plague somehow... Boring!!

I repeat myself, if it's personal taste, it's okay. I can clearly understand if you (don't) like it, and I wouldn't have any objection to that.
All I write is completely my personal opinion. I liked Overture, but I liked Black Plague too. I wouldn't trade one over another. On a side note, I liked Requiem too.
For spoiler thing. I'm against spoiling one self before playing/reading/watching anything. I think it completely ruins all the experience and lefts nothing to get joy.

If you like reading books, I'd really suggest reading Lovecraft. The Shadow Over Innsmouth is a good start along with The Statement of Randolph Carter.

05-30-2011, 12:03 AM
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