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Kinda stuck.. need some help.. (SPOILERS!)
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Kinda stuck.. need some help.. (SPOILERS!)

Spoiler below!
okay so, im in the room where this guy examined those rockworms, so as it seems he got dragged away by a worm just as i got in there- Blood and slime on the floor and a hole in the wall that i cant enter. Theres jars with babyworms, etc I examined everywhere and havent found any tool? I clicked the lights and (tried) to read what the walls said. Couldnt make much out of it. I found a few notes and newspaperclips, but then.. thats it. What do i do? Do i just go back? Its kinda weird, cos then itd mean that i wouldnt have needed to go here in the first place? I did get a radio transmission from red saying i shouldnt go to some dark areas.. could i just have skipped the whole area? Or did it trigger something somewhere else? Should i just go back and explore the other parts? Or did i miss something in here?
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