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a kind of help for German players - and now for our Russian friends, too
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a kind of help for German players - and now for our Russian friends, too

Greetings, fellow mine-crawlers underneath Greenlands shell of ice.

Just a few minutes ago, I thought I could check out the German voice files once, since these were originally intended to be heard by me, and I was a bit disappointed.

The voices of Philip and Red just didn't sound right. I couldn't even tell why, maybe it's the way they emphasize things differently in both versions, or just that they have no recogniseable accent at all in German, but anyway I liked the English voices much better.

Then I thought, maybe some other German players would like to have the English voices too, but are afraid they might not understand what they're saying, and that's why I had a closer look at the language files in the game directory.

I created a copy of the "Deutsch" file, and changed some values within it (the first lines regarding the file sources, and one line coming up later, that just determined the word appearing in the options menu as "Voice language").

This way I created the all-new, all-powerful, all-knowing and alltogether awesome language file called "Deutscher Text - Originalstimmen" (German text - original voices). OK, maybe I got a bit carried away when writing the adjectives...

I would do the same to the Russian language file, but I got a bit scared by all these codes inside it. Maybe I'll work on it later.

For now, only German players will get this new game experience, and I hope you'll enjoy it.

I just noticed I forgot to mention where to put this file.
the *.lang file contained in the downloadable zip archive should be copied into your [Penumbra install directory]\Episode 1\redist\config directory.
After it's copied there, it will be available as an option in-game.

[another edit]
I made two versions of the "Russian text - English voices" file, since there were some language specific textures in the game. Things like signposts and the map markers.
So now, for Russian players, the zip file contains two lang files. One will exchange voices and game world textures with the English ones, and the other will only exchange the voices.
I can't understand or speak Russian, let alone read kyrillic letters, especially when they aren' even shown as letters, but as some kind of Unicode codes, so the language description is in plain English (but since it's just one word, it won't matter I guess)

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