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Ghosts vs Monsters [Spoilers contained in thread]
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Ghosts vs Monsters [Spoilers contained in thread]

After i reached the last level of the game i found it to be the strongest part (and a few other parts) of the game. After all the lights went out on the level and every door was locked, my heart was pounding every fast considering i had the lights on in my room and my mom was having a loud conversation with someone over the phone.

I found this unknown figure more scary than any of the monsters that were in the game which brings we to my next conclusion. I think Penumbra could have been a lot scarier if there were more sightings of this ghostly dark figure. Monsters aren't really scary since you can find a way to kill them.

So here is my debate:

Should the next Penumbra: Overture Episode concentrate more on scaring its players with:
1) Ghosts
2) Monster ambushes(they attack the player only from darkish areas and don't show themselves until the player is 1 meter close)
3) Both of the above
04-08-2007, 08:06 PM

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