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Help bethesda :)
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RE: Help bethesda :)

when i first posted i got caught in a fo3 hating frenzy. I still how ever can't say it will be the same fo3 is going to be way different which kinda really kills the point of it being a fallout game. it would have been cool if it was going to be released as an isometric 3d game.

so i can say after playing the fisrt 2 fo's can't say the fo fans (me) will care for it. a lot of things are taken from fo like the text box on the gui is being taken because the lead designer thinks it's annoying which is kinda is F*ed up since it's one of fo's core desgns i think it's should be tailored to the way the fans like it not the way the lead designer likes it.

another thing there taking out is stuff like groin shots yes it's sick but it's fallout. The art/3d graphics ar a bit off all though very nice arn't quite exactly on the dot fallout what i mean by this they just don't fell fallouty i think they could have taken example from the van burean project the original fo3 which was also in 3d.
01-17-2008, 10:28 AM

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