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Way off topic - But Is there any Bronies!
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RE: Way off topic - But Is there any Bronies!

There was something I read once about the show's accessibility. It was a screen capture of a 4chan post (maybe ponychan?) though and I have no idea where to find it. But here goes:

The reason why so many people are becoming bronies is because of the show's inviting nature. It definitely has a style that girls would be more used to than boys, but it's very different from most girl shows. Many of the TV shows about princesses or fashion or something that exist today are hyper-feminine, while MLP:FIM just has a feminine side and is made for everyone except maybe... misogynists? Meanwhile, the subject matter itself is quite genderless and the characters are actually good.

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08-11-2011, 04:45 PM
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